Fire Alarm Bell 6” & 8”


-High efficiency low current consumption on

-24VDC motorized bells

-Terminals will accept 2.5mm cables

-Simple installation via multi-fixing base plated for all type of location.

-Fitted with two series diodes for fault monitoring

-Fully suppressed and no interference with other equipment

-Option of customized discs printed with company names and logs



Addressable Sounder and Strobe

-Two parts construction with base mounted termination allows easy installation

-Evacuate only or Alert/ Evacuate mode can be set through handheld programmer

-Remote start input can be used to co-operation with other systems

-Strobe provided by high intensity LED cluster

-Electronically addressed


Short Circuit Isolator

-Isolates faulty part of the loop in the event of a short circuit.

-Automatically resetting once the fault has cleared

-LED status Indicator

-Also available as Isolator base version that directly replaces the standard detector base (FX-9520)

-Also compatible with Conventional Detection Circuits




Intelligent Manual Call Point

-Addressable manual Call Point (MCP) with re-settable (non-breaking) glass

-Additional volt free contacts for local interfacing (ie-PT2 camera preset)

-Two part plug-in construction with base mounted termination allows easy installation and connection

-Intelligent MCP can be addressed and plugged in to base at time of commissioning

-Electronically addressed

-Suitable for semi-flush and surface mount installation

-Conventional MCP version also available


Network Repeater Panel

-Provides remote control of system

-Password protect access levels

-Flush-mount or Surface-mount structure

-Functional control of network panels




Handheld Programmer

-Portable programming tool for addressing and testing of intelligent devices

-Programs all loop devices (1-242)

-Programming of I²Cprotocol devices like Reflective Beam Detector and FX8903 Mimic panel

-Interrogates device for condition- manufacturing batch Number-date of manufacture alarm sensitivity.

-Re-program facility enables adjustment to alarm threshold of detectors.

-Able to switch on or off the rate of rise function of Dual Heat Detector

-Adjusts input modules to accept N/C or N/O contacts






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