Dry Chemical Powder (MONNEX)


The powder to be has high extinguishing efficiency for class A.B.C fire To be have combatable extinguishing with foam Compositions are UREA. POTASSUM BICAROBNNTE



-This product can be filled in the portable, cart fire extinguisher.

-Mobile and stationary appliances or fixed installations.

-This agent has the specialties of high firefighting speed.

-High fire extinguishing efficiency, good insulation property, harmless to people and animals and long stores period.

-It is widely used for fighting of oil fields, oil stores, ships, warehouses, oil refineries, electricity station, petrochemical enterprises and forest fires.

-It is suited for extinguishing the fires of usually solid combustible materials.

-(A type) flammable liquids (B type) gases and electric equipments

-Complex related with flow and moisture repellent additive 10%

-Moisture content less than 0.5%

-Particle size: 63 micron 50% max 355 micron N.L

-Apparent density: 0.360-0.75 Kg/dm3

-And tap density: 0.8-1.10 Kg/dm3

-Temperature stability range: -60c + 55c

-The backing capacity 25kg me





Technical Data

Content of Ammonium Phoshate(%)

According to user's requirements


According to user's requirements

Apparent Density(g/ml)

-> 0.8

Content of Water (%)

-< 0.25

Water Repellency

No obvious water absorption, no caking

Particle Size (%)

45 or according to user's requirements

Moisture Rate (%)

-< 3.00

Penetration (mm)

-> 16.0

Fluidity (s)

-< 8.0

Low Temperature Resistance (s)

-< 5.0

Electric Insulativity (kv)

-> 5.0

Extinguishing E ciency (A, B)

Successful rate: 2/3 (At Least)


25kg, 1000kg




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