Breathing & Gas Detector





Product description



Cylinder and valve

-Carbon-fiber composite cylinder; high strength; small weight; anticorrosion and impact resistance.

-The cylinder valve with Y-type self-locking structure can prevent collision during use process or open of cylinder valve by disoperation.

-The cylinder sleeve can effectively prevent collision and scrape.


PR-1100 pressure reducer

-The maximum air supply flow is larger than 1,000 L/min, which can sufficiently guarantee the respiratory capacity of users.

-Waist “rescue others” interface can be provided according to actual needs; there is pressure relief protection function.


PG-S pressure gauge & warning device

-It is at breast and the alarm sound is ≥90 db, which makes it convenient for users to hear the alarm in a noisy environment.

-The fluorescent Pressure Gauge has such functions as anti-explosion, waterproof and shockproof.


Product name: Eyeglass frame

-I The eyeglass frame is fully made from titanium material. There is stainless steel hemicyclic steel frame between the eyeglass frame and nose wing. It can be used with mask.

-The concave lens of different degrees can be equipped according to users’ actual conditions.










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