Monitor & Nozzle




Portable Monitor
-Suitable for flows up to 1000 GPM
-2 ½° NHT male outlet
-Inlet: male instantaneous or female NHT Carrying handle
-Handwheel driven for vertical movement 700 above 360° Horizontal movement with twist lock
-Inlet two 2- ½° NHT female or with BS male instantaneous
-Material body: Stainless steel and aluminium alloy
-Material for stand: Mild steel
-Material for nozzle: Gun Metal
-Material for inlet: Gun Metal




Monitor Air Aspirating Nozzle
-Inlet 2- ½” NHT female for connection to monitor
-Flowrate up to 500 GPM @ 7bar
-Stream pattern adjustable with lever from straight steamto fan type
-Throw range 45m @ 7bar
-Foam expansion ratio 7-10
-Available with foam inductor
-Material of construction aluminium alloy


Monitor Nozzles
-Material of construction Gun metal
-Straight stream and fog pattern
-Optional chrome finish
-Foam monitor nozzle with built in foam inductor, flexible hose and pick up tube, can be fitted to existing monitor and pick up tube place in a 200L foam drums for immediate AFFF application





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